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                     <Shin Sook-Ja and two daughters in Yo-duk detention center>

Currently in Korea, there is a movement to rescure Shin Sook-Ja mother and daughter locked in Yo-duk detention center.
It is such a sad story that I must spread the words to you.
"The husband, Dr. Oh Gil-Nam studied economics, and the wife, Shin Sook-Ja was working as a nurse in Germany.
In winter of 1985, Dr. Oh was promised an excellent professor position for him, and the best medical care for his sickened wife. Against the wife's opposition, the family went over to North Korea.
But when they arrived in North Korea, the family was isolated from outside and got brainwashed.
A year later, when the husband was told to bring in a Korean family that was studying in Germany, he decided to run away as his wife begged him to save himself.
As a payback, the children, Haewon(11), Gyuwon(9) and the wife Shin Sook-Ja was locked up in Yo-duk detention center in 1987.
Yo-duk detention center is infamous for its human violations.
Women get raped by prison guards, abortion is commonplace, food is scarce, so many starving to death, and cells made for 30 people hold 100 people... the conditions are unimaginable.
Just like this, North Korea is stomping on human rights and trying to maintain their 3-generation dictatorship.
In Yo-duk detention center, innocent people like Shin Sook-Ja are locked up and dying. And in the giant prison called North Korea, many innocent people are dying in pain.
It is saddening that such a tragedy is happening in this world, and I hope that their pain will disappear soon.

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