Hello Korea

Myeongdong, Seoul

Last week, I visited Korea with friends. On arriving at Korea, I felt excited to see Korea's scenery vividly that I only watched on TV. I stayed in Korea for 6 days. In Korea, There were a lot of things for sightseeing and exotic refreshments to taste. There is nothing uncomfortable except for the language barrier. (But Most Koreans understood what we spoke)

Especially, it's public transportations were quite clean and cool and the fare was cheap. For 6 days, I used subway only to move. Most Korean people that I met in my trip were kind and have good manners. One Korean showed us the way and brought us to the destination. In some restaurants, We were quite welcomed and could have receive another dish. Now Korea is in summer and More and More travelers are visiting it's sea and many famous spots. I recommend Korea sightseeing to you.


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