Korean Woman Sonya Tomas (Lee sun gyeong) "What a honorable stomach"

Korean Woman Sonya Tomas (Korean Name : Lee sun gyeong, 44) became the first champion in the hot dogs eating contest held at New York Coney island on U.S independence day. She ate 40 hot dogs for 10 minutes. She won by 11 hot dogs. this event is held annually on U.S independence day and this year is first year to hold the event classifying gender. Tomas called "poisonous spider, black widow" is the person who immigrated to U.S in the late 1990s. She has participated in various eating contests with working as a fast food manager since 2003 and won the titles. Not only 40 hot dogs but also 181 chicken wings she ate for 12 minutes. she got the champion title for that (New York , buffalo) and also she ate 274 jalapenos and ranked second place. 


I express my respect to Her

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