Japanese lawmakers have to scrap their Dokdo trip plan immediately....?

South Korea and Japan are the closest neighbors on earth either geographically or historically.
Despite of the tragic history in the past, the two countries made a lot of progress in terms of political, diplomatic, security, social and cultural collaboration.

Recently, Korea and Japan cooperated as friendly allies of each other for Korean peninsula's security and northeast Asia's stability including the North Korean nuclear issues.
However, some Japanese right wing activists and politicians have been making troubles such as history distortion, Dokdo's sovereignty dispute, which make no sense at all either diplomatically or customarily.

South Korean people were so outraged by 4 Japanese lawmaker's plan to visit Uleung island to claim the territorial right of Dokdo in a campaign called 'Noise Marketing event'.
Although South Korean government and president Lee demanded Japanese lawmakers not to visit Uleung island and told them it'll only do harms to both countries friendship, the lawmakers have been very stubborn in continuing their plan.

I guess if Japan wants to be respected by the world, its government as well as its politicians, scholars, intellectuals and civic groups has to abandon the ambitions to conquer its neighbor's territory by twisting the true history.

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