Itaewon Freedom -U.V

What are you feeling seeing this picture? kinda weird? that is their merit. feel the full of weirdness. the center guy is called Park jin young. he is a famous producer in korea and the other 2 men are comedians. Regretfully, I heard they broke the team.

    U.V (Left - Yu se-yun, Right - Muzi)

                          Let's listening to the korean popular song ! " itaewon freedom"

Do you know itaewon? itaewon is very known for it's familiar scenery (Exactly Saying, Korea + U.S scenery. itaewon is the place mixed with both of countries' mood) to many foreign travelers.

there are so many friendly cafes. Not Only for foreign travelers But Also for Koreans
it's dish also was good for me. so nice. Personally, I love homemade burgers.

ㅋㅋㅋ Welcome to Itaewon kid !

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