Human Rights Act of North Korea

According to news, North Korea has been paid about $10 million in china to buy foreign-made liquors and cigarettes for it's privileged class. In spite of it's severe famine, they have wasted a lot of money to satisfy and Sometimes, Some of them have Mac donald hamburgers delivered from China. WFG said that North Korea's famine is more severe than What is known. if North Korea government did this like behaviors more, Many North Koreans might be suffered from starvation more and more. North Korean Human Rights Act was passed in U.S, Japan, Europe councils. U.K council agreed on forming a commission of inquiry and they urged S.Korea council to enact North Korean Human Rights Act. it has been pending in S.Korea for 7 years. I wonder why this kind of important law isn't passed yet in S.Korea. I hope that many countries' efforts to improve North Korea Human rights could be rewarded.


  1. The North Korean Human Rights Act in Korea started in 2005, the 17th National Assembly. The bill was brought before the National Assembly on motions by assemblyman, Mr. Munsu Kim (Grand National Party). The bill was scrapped with the 17th National Assembly also after the then ruling Uri Party (now Democratic Party, led by Mr. Hakgu Son) was dead set against the North Korean Human Rights Act discouraging public discourse on Pyongyang’s human rights record.

    It was brought in a bill again in 2008 after making some corrections, but got watered down once more to placate North Korea. Pro-North Korean politicians in South Korea insisted that any effort to exert pressure on North Korea would backfire.

    South Korean assemblymen tired to legislate for the North Korean Human Rights Act in 2001 also but the law couldn’t even pass the subcommittee. It was because the then ruling pro-North Korean Democrats refused to back the bill.

    Those lawmakers have a direct and indirect bias in favour of North Korea. They have had a voice speaking out for Jung-Il Kim in South Korea with a strong anti-Westernism inclination. They have stood by communists in South Korea. They are just making bizarre claims about the improvement of human rights. They say raising an issue of the North Korean Human Rights Act will only exacerbate that process. But I think pro-North Koreans exacerbated existing tensions by creating rumors and propaganda for North Korea regarding the tragic Cheonan ship incident. The Cheonan ship sank into the deep sea with 46 sailors around 21:22, March 26, 2010 by a North Korean torpedo attack. We can’t forget the Cheonan and the brave sailors who died on that fateful day. However, pro-North Korean politicians have denied its attack and hold the military’s response and rescue efforts accountable for the incident to save Pyongyang’s face.

  2. Would you please read this link and post this link on your blog and if you feel ok, then would you sign for this e-petition? Please help North Korea !!!!


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