20~30 years old Korean Women ranked Top on this !

1. Getting Plastic Surgeries

Korea is called as the paradise of plastic surgery, I heard every year many foreigners visit Korea to get a plastic surgery. they said, Korean doctors is very delicate and understand customer's preference well. Above all, they are skilled at surgery.


Some of Korean women appraise their lovers and their love for how much he spend money on them. Not all of Korean Women think like that, but In Korea, When the couples have a date, "Men should pay for the whole cost of dating" this like social customs still is.

3. Ministry of Gender Equality

Korea is the only country that has Ministry of Gender Equality. I heard this organization sometimes makes reverse discrimination for Korean men. but I think there has been a big problem in Korea that makes korea establish this organization.

4. the most beauty palors of the population

5. the highest Cesarean Rate

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