Why Did He Blame Korean's Soul "Kimchi" ?

If you know Korea, You can't imagine Korea without kimchi (Kimchi is a general name for pickled vegetables) and kimchi is globally recognized as one of the healthy foods. But !! a few days ago, A japanese man(may be he is a person obsessed with ultra nationalism) made a bad comment about kimchi on the air. (a right wing japanese broadcasting Sakura Channel) 

Japanese Huji TV program  "Waratte e tomo" researched consumer (whole age groups) preferences for food and Korean kimchi stew is selected as the best dish.  But One Mc expressed dissatisfaction for the result.  He said, "I don't like kimchi stew and can't accept this, why people like it?"

Another mc said, "this result shows how badly Japanese's taste degraded.", "In my opinion, When  people  want to eat pungent foods, they might be suppressed with something."  and said again, "kimchi has no delicate taste, when I see Koreans eating kimchi everyday, I always remind unhappy Korean history."

"We should educate Japanese properly, this like statics from person's tastes, shows how poorly Japanese are changed." "the people who eat kimchi should be lower-income group, so they are seeking for pungent foods more and more because of their frustration." 

Woman MC said, "I think this result must be manipulated by media, it makes people believe that kimchi is good for health or beauty. but Japan has strong & unique culture , We take other counries' culture as ours" " In food culture, Japan is defeated by Korea, We are paid back for the past"



  1. You didn`t know the fact that whole or most of japanese are racist.
    If you plant go to japan, I`m so sure you`ll pay for your decision.

  2. thank you for reply. i agree on your opinion somewhat. but i don't think that the whole japanese think like that and they all are racists.


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