What is the military spec?


Military Spec = Military + Spec (Specification, this word is used to say job seekers' external achievements such as a credential, degree, career etc in Korea)

there is the one thing in korea that foreigners can't understand is Military matters.

Korean guys have to fulfill military duty. Usually, they join the army in their twenties.
But, Someone avoid this responsibility(duty). generally this kind of people think "we don't want to waste
2 years"

the korean draft dodgers (Both of them are a singer)

They have been blamed until now by Koreans especially Korean men
First person was once a famous korean dance singer  Yu seungjun in 1990s
He was so popular and got a lot of reputation in Korea. But he gave up korean citizenship and got the exemption from military obligations. He has been prohibited entry into Korea until now.
Second person is a korean popular rapper MC mong. He was loved by many people for his friendly image.But He is now suspected of avoiding military duty.

But, now military duty is getting more important than before to all Korean guys.
the reason is ....
Military spec (similar with career) is highly spotlighted now in Korea labor market.

Last year, there was a Korean man who had the interview of the large company in Korea.
His spec wasn't good. he graduated from a certain jerkwater college and his grade was 3.55/4.5.
But he served in the Marine corps. interviewers liked his this military spec. they thought that he might be the strong guy who has healthy mind & body. they selected thim as a new employee.

In Korea society, Military duty is regard as a natural thing. But Many men hate this, So the korean companies decided to apply it to hiring requirements inversely.

Many Korean companies consider this military spec importantly and they appraise the person with it.
"Strong mind , perseverence, healthy body can be improved at the army" this is current korean companies' trend and thinking.

Military Duty is the one of precious thing in korea

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