A Scum in Korea Subway


Now,  In Korea, The scum who made a fuss in subway is the hot issue on the internet.
27th June, the yutube video(about 4:00) was released showing a fuss between an young man & elderly man.
the fuss was started from the elderly man's complaint to the young man. the complaint was that the elderly man was uncomfortable because of young man's crossed legs. (i guess one of the legs pricked the old man's body) So he asked him not to cross his legs.  as soon as he heard this complaint from the old man, he flung out hard words against him like a bee stings.

the young man said, "What the hell are you doing now?, You are taking me as a jerk?, You must get off and go with me to the police station. if you don't, I'll kill you !! "

After his words, the old man looks freaked out and seems to have no idea to say. the old man carefully said,
"I didn't have an intention to start a fight with you, you should be considerate of other people following subway's announcement." But the young man didn't hear that, he was more rampant.

During the fuss, there were many people too. but Anyone didn't try to stop this fight and Most of them were far away and just looked at them quitely. Finally, another man looks 60 years old tried to mediate the quarrel. but he also was mortifited by the young person.

Now the signature-seeking compaign is going on in korea to punish the young man for the fuss and lacking manners for the elderly. Shocked Korean people are now rasing up their voice to look back on their behaviors and reflect on themselves.

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