North Korean Soldiers are all gangsters?

Military country for the last 60 years? It has been reported that the North Korean Army, which claimed to advocate strong nation, military first policy had faced the worst crisis ever because its food distribution had been halted.

Sources reported that soldiers in some regions escaped their bases and frequently steal the crops, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corns and even slaughtered some livestock(pigs, goats, cows) to feed themselves.

It's widely known that typical North Korean soldier's daily meal is composed of 500g of corn mixed rice and sea mustard soup. This made some military commanders order their soldiers to be masked robber and get some food.

What makes this more ridiculous is that some military officers encourages soldiers to compete each other in robbing the livestock such as goat and rabbits by granting them 1 month or 20 days of vacation and Kim familiy, politicians and military leaders are still obsessed with extravagant food and parties.

North Korean residents deplored the soldiers' robberies saying that soldiers are not different from a unbridled pony, starved wolves and lawless bandits.

Kim has to realize that he desperately needs to feed the people and soldiers first before he asks for food aid, pursues the power succession and threatens South Korea. Obviously, as long as the food crisis is not relieved, major riot among people and soldiers will be unavoidable.

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