North Korea sold their territory to China

Jang seong taek who is one of the influential person in North Korea and Kim jong il's younger sister's husband sold territory to china to promote North Korea- China relations. the territory called Hwang geum pyeong that he sold to china is a very important place to Korea Peninsula.


Baekdo Mt

Jang sung taek

the reason he sold it is to make money for Kim jong eun. this money will be used for his reign. this fact makes people shocked. Now 90% of North Koreans have fully depended on the daily necessities, food, Oil from China. Kim jong il said, "we didn't sell our land just lend it to china for 100 years with no charge" But that was founded a lie, they sold it at $500 million-dirt cheap price. Already Mr. Jang sold Baekdo Mt (it is regarded as the most divine Mt in Korea) and Nasun Port on East sea (it is the central place of trade to be developed).

I think Mr. Jang is completely wrong and has committed the crimes. these territory isn't belong to him and he don't have the right to sell it. if he didn't stop selling something to china, Kim jong eun might not have no territory to rule in future.

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