How to Survive in Korea's jampacked Subway

"Hurry up & More fast ! " are the words that Koreans use much in everyday. But this "hurry up & more fast" are changed into "Ultra fast & hurry up (conglish used in korea) " in the morning rush hours.

Everyone want to get to company or school in time. this wish makes them run fast and give strong power to shave away other people in jampacked subway.

this time, I introduce some tips to survive this hell subway in Korea.

1. Leaving home at least 10 minutes ealier

if you leave home 10 minutes ealier, you will get  "little" jammed in other persons or you can have a precious seat. (not handicapped seat)

(you could be pushed away by the people who are going to get off)

3. Watch out!, They are Coming toward U

Usually, Many handicapped seats are equipped in Korean subway. these seats are located by the door.
 So, people can easily get off . if they take this seat. But you should be careful in case that you are standing near these seats. handicapped persons such as senior persons and pregnant women and injured people sometimes show the strong power to take unoccupied handicapped seats.

3. Avoiding Back-pack Men

In Korea, Many people (student,climber,test-taker..etc) carry a back-pack. it looks great but if you are standing the back of the person who wearing this back-pack. it will be a pressure gauge to you.

3. Avoiding Men's Solid Elbow

Some people try to get in the subway with their mighty power.
Especially, their elbow can be an weapon to other people.
Elbow is not an instrument to keep their space. -_-


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