Hangul, the face of Korea


Hangul (/ˈhɑːŋɡʊl/; Korean: 한글 Hangeul/Han'gŭl [haːn.ɡɯl] (in South Korea)) is the native alphabet of the Korean language, as distinguished from the logographic Hanja and phonetic systems. It was created in the mid-15th century, and is now the official script of both North Korea and South Korea, being co-official in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province, People's Republic of China and currently proposed as an official script for the Cia-Cia language of Buton, South East Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

  Sejong the Great (1418–1450) was the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.
The founder of Hangul
Hangul Dress

Hangul's consonants
Hangul Slogan "Blooming Hangul !"

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