BBC introduced "MINI guide to Seoul, Korea"

BBC published the article about MINI guide to Seoul, Korea. Seoul, Korea People know Korea as the center of the new Asia economic Market and the country that overcame the trials of Korean War in 1950.

                                                                      Seoul, Korea

Seoul the capital city of Korea is mixed well with past & current culture and it has progressed a global city in many parts such as politics, economy, finance, culture, society, traffic. Annually about 3 million travelers visit to Seoul, Korea. BBC recommended several famous spots in Seoul, first is "the northern hanok village."
(Korean name: Buk chon hanok ma-eul). hanok is the traditional korea style-wooden house and this village is consisted of hanoks.

                                                          Hanok Village

second is the korea style palace-"Chang deok-gung" & it's secret garden "Bi-won". third is "Namdaemun Market", "Inwang Mt.", "Chunggye-chun(the river flowing across the center of Seoul)".

Chang deok gung (Chang deok palace)

Chang deok palace's biwon (Secret garden)

also they introduced Korean style foods such as bindaetteok(mung-bean pancake) & bibimbab (mixed rice with vegetables) in Gwangjang Market on Jong-ro 5th avenue,

bindaetteok (Gwangjang Market)

Gwang jang Market


Gaesung Mandoo (dumplings) & Jo-raeng-e tteokguk in Insa-dong,

Gaesung Mandoo (dumplings)

jo raeng e tteokguk

Noryangjin Seafood Market
fresh seafoods from Noryangjin seafood Market, Samgyetang(Chicken stew) from Korea traditional village. Don't you want enjoy exotic Korean cultures & Korean foods? just visit to Korea ! Korea welcome you all.

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