Yonsei University's Spring Festival

" May" is festival season of universities in Korea. Most of university students enjoy their college's festival programs or visit other college's festival. this time, i want to introduce Yonsei  university's festival -one of the prestigious universities in korea.

Yonsei university is located at Seoul, Shinchon*(downtown in seoul)

The direction board about the festival, The girl next it looks more smaller ^^;;

a lot of students was gathering at this university

There are lots of alchol boxes , could they drink these all at that time? i wonder

Each major opened their individual shop, shop name is so funny.
above store's name is " the great liver and it's figure"
(i guess, it means you are a great & healthy drinker)

                     Major of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Addiction Pharmaceutical Sciences

i heard from my friend, lately a cocktail bar is more popular than a beer bar in korean university students.

Enthusiastic Korean Students to sing hard and liven up festival mood
they all belong to college's rock group. this university is mostly consisted of student's performances

this university's simbol "eagle"

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