Worker's face per Day of the week


Feel dizzy. People had a good rest last weekend. So they are more exhausted and want to have a rest more. sometimes, they feel skeptic about the work "why do i have to work for my life?" They feel a week is too long.


just tuesday?? no way~~, when does the weekend come?? People are getting pressured with a lot of works and a telephone from the customer is ringing loudly all the time.


just wednesday??! no kidding, the weekend is still too far away from us. We just want to stay in luxurious villa in a clam rural area by lottery jackpot.
ahhh~~~ i just want to cry, what the hell of my life!!


 Hmm...We transcended this situation.
 just bear up little more.


Friday...ohhahahahahah. just the time comes.
The weekend is just ahead of us.We have to work hard by decreasing even the number of times to go to the restroom. So, We enjoy the full of rest time after work without overtme. just concentrate on our ultra power to finish the tasks.


Wa!!!! Saturday !!!. just blessing day given to us. People's great joy. We don't have any pressures and can stay up all night long to play and can oversleep. We have another holiday tomorrow !!


We can be a total couch potato. Sunday passed so peacefully. But the more time passes, the more we feel gloomy. When the time we have a dinner with family, We can reached the peak of depression. the Weekend is gone, We must return to our workplace. life....

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