Why Kim jong il visit China again? to beg of something?

Kim jong il visit china 20th May and is blamed by North Koreans for that.
He visited china twice times in 2001,2006. at that time, he said, "i'm quite
inspired by China Market and renovations" but When returning to his palace, he shortly spurned that and has seized North Korea & it's people
with iron fists & nuke. He always say, " We have a great & strong military power" but in fact, he has made North Korea the poorest country in the world. During his visit to China, North Koreans may voice opinions that his purpose to visit china is just to beg of some food & money. one of them said, "how many times he visit china like a rat hiding in a storeroom and how well he beguile china, there is no one to believe his words. We all sure about it" and another north korean said, "I eagerly hope that he is dead by a terrorist." Now 70~80% North Koreans are suffering from severe shortage of food. if he does no action for changing this situation, I think his death is merely a question of time.

His son Kim jong eun's whereabout is noticed

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