Tripartite summit of South Korea, Japan and China

Tripartite summits held 4th meeting in South Korea and Veitnam on over 21~22th May. Meantime, 3 summits (South Korea, Japan, China) have had several meetings to exchange opinions on current world issues but it is said that this 3 summit's meeting is only for show. For example, 3 summits didn't reach an agreement on North Korea's nuke development & provocation problems happened in South Korea last year.By the way, They have a plan to visit Fukusima (the huge Damaged area by radioactivity) and console the japanese sufferers. this 4th meeting is meaningful to be held in this unrest condition (Japan earthquake, Incresing cyber terrors, the shortage of food & energy, other confrontational issues). I hope this meeting is helpful to improve their amity and keep peace in Northeast Asia.

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