Korea's popular TV program - Survival I Am A Singer

Survival I Am A Singer (Korean: 서바이벌 나는 가수다) is a singing competition featuring seven artists that are judged by 500 ordinary citizen panels
a drop out singer will be replaced with a New singer

8th May There was the first Competition and They were ranked by citizen panels, Shall we Listen to Their song?  First competition's Misson is " Singing another singer's Song they wanna sing "


                       Singer : Lee so-ra     / Song : NO.1 by BOA (Original Version)

      She sang this song with very diffrent feeling from original version's, Listen to Original song?

                 SingerKim bum-su  / Song Your Fragrance by Yoo yeong-jin (Original Version)

                    SingerLim jae-bum / Song The empty glass by Nam jin (Original Version)

                    SingerKim yeon-woo / Song The Regret by Kim gun-mo (Original Version)

        SingerYun do-hyun Band / Song The Magic Castle by The Classic (Original Version)

              SingerPark jung-hyun / Song Now I hope so by Jo yong-pil (Original Version)

               SingerBMK / Song You come back to me by Byun jin-sup (Original Version)

                      Ok, Let's open the ranking ! by 500 CITIZEN PANELS

                     1th       Park jung-hyun  "Now I hope So"

                     2th       Lee so-ra  " No.1 "

                     3th       Kim bum-su   "Your Fragrance"

                     4th       Lim jae-bum  " The empty glass"

                     5th       YB band  " The magic Castle"

                     6th       Kim yeon-woo  " The Regret"

                     7th       BMK  "You come back to me"

         How diffrent with what you think? , 15th May in Korea  the first faller will come out.

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