Korean Food 7 making Foreigners Shocked

1. Fernented Skate

In fact, this food's odor may be not good to Koreans too.
It smells pungent, so those who wanna try it first, this will be a quite challenging food

2. SilkWarm Larva

As you know, The Silkwarm is cocoons' larva. Closely looking at them, you can find their feet & spots on thier body. Koreans make stew and cans with them. You can imagine China's insects skewer similar with this food using insects or warms. this is the worst food of 7 food making foreigners freaked out.
a Charming point of this food is it's flaver, the more you chew, the more flavor you get.
something like roasting sesame seeds

3. Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet ! it is a famous korean style side dish with drinks.
Most of Foreigners are shocked , When they know it's identity.
and they dislike this food. because of it's unusual appearance.

4. Live Octopus

Koreans eat live octopus with sesame oil. Regretfully this food is selected by foreigners as the vilest food they have ever had . Most of them feel that eating squirming tentacles looks cruel. By the way, You sould be careful that they aren't stuck on your throat when you eat them. (Koreans eat them rolling up with chopsticks)

5. Sundae

You can think this food Korean Sausages.
This food is made of pig's guts. Koreans cook this with putting various vegitables & glass noodles in guts.
Some Foreigners who love teokbokki get cultureal shock after seeing this food. (it's friend food of teokbokki) But Some of them come to like.

6. Bosintang

This food is known for it's controversial point ( Making food with dogs).
At first Foreigners are absolutely flabbergasted after they know what it is made of.
Actually, it is rare food to Koreans and it is regarded as the health food eating in summer season.
We should think of cultural differences. Pet dogs are diffrent with edible dogs. -_-

7. Gopchang

Last is gopchang. Gopchang means oily guts or flexible guts.
To say correctly, Gopchang is cow's small intestine.
Gopchang is high protein & low calories food and it tastes chewy.
You shoul try this food before you know it's identity.

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  1. As a foreigner, I have eaten all of these. I don't much like 1 and 2, but I love the rest.


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