Hot Tempers of Some Koreans

1. Vending Machine

Foreigners: After a cup of cuffee comes out, They put it out from  vending
Koreans   : Koreans button up and grap the cup before it comes out and wait. Sometimes Their hands are burned  by hot coffee.

2. Candy

Foreigners: Foreigners suck on a candy
Koreans   : Koreans crunch a piece of candy and their teeth are broken

3. Ice-cream

Foreigners: Foreigners suck on an ice cream and eat it very slowly
Koreans   : Koreans take a bite of an ice cream and sometimes they get headache

4. Bus Stop

Foreigners: Foreigners wait for the bus and get on the bus orderly.
Koreans   : When the bus comes, Koreans get down the road quickly, somtimes Koreans are engaged in  a chase to get on the bus and their feet are bumped by the bus.

5. Movie Theater

Foreigners: How was the movie? is it's story good??
Koreans   : How was the ending?

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