Delivery Service in Korea

In Korea, Most of food can be delivered to home in Korea. Chinese Food, Japanese Food, Korean Food, Fast Food etc, If you have only menu, You can get enjoy whatever you want to eat.

When I was preparing very important exam, Macdonald Delivery Service supported me. I called Macdonald store and get buger set delivered several times in the day.

If the store is located near your home, you can get the food more quickly.

The most comfortable thing is that you can pay for by credit cards

Lotteria-Korea's Fast Food Brand started home delivery service too
just few months ago.

Lotteria is the huge rival brand of Macdonald in Korea
Both have competed with each other in this market
Lotteria can't give way this delivery market to Macdonald
Delivery Service is very important to Koreans by so m


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