Cyber Terrors from North Korea

North Korea's hacker group

Since last 7th July in 1999 North Korea has done cyber terrors Like DDos annually.

During South Korea's military drill, They transmitted radio waves to disturb South Korea's defense system and last month They broke into South korea's financial system.

According to investigation, Most of the cyber terrors in South Korea have been done by North Korea's hacker groups. that makes South Koreans afraid of even using internet.

North Korea's meticulous hacker groups have been making rumors and hacking and spreading malignant code to collapse South Korea's society.

 More terrible fact is that North Korean hackers used to keep one-million South koreans' resident registration numbers and they instigate South koreans in cyber-space to get them turn back on the south korea's government and U.S government during the election times.

Not only South Korea but also other countries can be a victim of North Korea's cyber terror, The world should prepare measures to prevent this.

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