Bibimbap burger hits New York

A burger version of the signature Korean dish bibimbap is captivating the taste buds of New York foodies.

Made by Angelo Sosa, an American chef who appeared on the U.S. TV show “Top Chef,” the bibimbap burger has made a successful debut by winning the best burger prize at a competition to find the greatest burger in America.

“Recently we won, by, the best burger not only in New York city but in the nation,” Angelo Sosa, co-owner of Social Eatz in New York, said

“So really what makes the burger different from every other restaurant here in the city even the nation, is our toppings,” he said.


Inspired by bibimbap -- a famous traditional Korean dish served with rice mixed with meat, vegetables, an egg, and chili pepper paste “gochujang” – the burger features a beef patty cooked in sweet and savory sauce, topped with coleslaw, picked carrots, cucumbers and a slow-cooked egg.

Sosa’s restaurant in Manhattan also serves a Bulgogi Burger, shik-hae (rice drink) and Korean beef tacos, according to reports.


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