Yu-Na Kim ICE queen

-> Yu-Na Kim's New short program Giselle (2011)

♥ She is ...
Yu Na Kim (Korean figure Skater)

Birth   : 5th Sep in 1990

Body  : 164cm, 47kg

Family :  Father, Mother, Older sister, She.

School : Korea University

Career : 2010 Vancouver Olympic Figure Skating Single
             Gold medalist

Let's talk about Her Skating History !

From last years, I usually have watched Figure Skating competition. Figure Skating is not popular and  unfamiliar sports in Korea. Before I knew her, I didn't have interest in and know it well.  But One time, All Koreans came to be excited by this young girl and Korea and even world got noticed her.
She is just a genius . She overcame korea's poor eviroments to do figure by her own efforts & talents.
She is the person who made figure skating listed one of the most popular sports in Korea.

Tango Roxanne. (when she was 16 years old) I think this program is one of the best programs. She showed immaturity but She could get  the new world best score . She went beyond score 70 limit line first among the female single skaters.

She is a just influential person. She won Junior Grand Prix (2005) and she decorated her debut with Champion title in Senior Grand Prix (2006). But She had a hard time. Because of her frequent injuries.
So, She got slumped in consecutive 2 years world championship. (2007 3th , 2008 3th)

But Her misfortune was over. She performanced one of the amazing programs (2008-2009 Season)
Short program- Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens / Long program - Scheherazade by Rimskii-Korsakov.


When I saw this program, I was strong inspired and thrilled. She came back as the ice queen.
Pesonally, I love her short program more than Long program. Because She is good at expressing sentimental points very well in a short time.

This her long program Scheherazade showed her artistry well. When She picked it up, first time Many people concerned about her. Because this music was used by the another figure legend Michelle Kwan . Already this music was recognized by people as a program of Kwan. But She dispelled those worries by her talent & ablity and made audiences absorb to her program only.

and Olympic Season came,

She is known as a best dresser. At that time, I was so curious about her dress. At first, She opened her dresses to the public. Frankly, I feel strange. Sometimes above dress is called the cloth of primitive men.
But her dress she wore at the competition is something different with what i firt saw. Her dress and 007 song was in good harmorny.

Her Glorious Long program- " George Gershwin Piano Concerto in F major " Willson (her coach) said, this program is same with her figure history & life. She acted this program clearly & perfectly. Finally, She remained as the first female asian figure gold medalist and one of the figure legends with marvelous score 228.56. She will be memorized by many people as the best figure skater ever.

My favorite gala program "Reflection"

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