Pretty boy Jang geun suk - Asia Star

Do you have interest in Asia stars? This time, I will talk about Korean idol star Jang geunsuk. He was born on 4th August in 1987 and He got into the entertainment world when he was 6 years old as a children's wear model. (For What I know he was an underwear model ^^)

He is famous for his baby face and good looks and has been loved by many asia fans. Last 15th, he got the most honorable award in China.
"the most influential Korean Artist". His acting & singing ability make him growing fast and listed on Asia top stars.

When I see him doing well on his stage, i'm little afraid that he may be more arrogant. :-) just kidding. A few days ago, he showed good manners to devastated Japan with a large donation. How do you feel about him? isn't he sweet?

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