In to the Fire (2010.6)

"Mom, I may be died today"

"The Boy who left alone in the miserable battlefield"
"71 students' touching war story"


"Into the Gunfire" is based on the true story of 71 students who fought with  hundreds of North Korean soldiers in front of a middle school on June 25, 1950 during the Korean War.
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25th June in 1950 at dawn 4:00 am. Korean War
that no one expected broke out by North Korea's
invasion to South Korea. North Korean soldiers overwhelmed South Korean soldiers and South Korea seemed like to be defeated. The world was haunted by the fear of war. So UN had decided to convene the huge multinational forces and fetch them to South Korea. Already South Korea was in the brink of losing battle. So they had no alternative to wait for those auxiliary troops. South Korea massed troops in Nakdong river and they was struggling to guard this limit line with waiting for U.N forces' arriving.

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         Hundres of North Korean Soldiers     71 Young Korean Students
Kang seok dae who was protecting pohang (near Nakdong river) received order to assemble at the gathering place Nakdong river. But he couldn't leave pohang which became the front line unattended.
Kang suk dae couldn't help but give 71 young students the order to protect pohang as far as possible they can.
>> Left , Kang seok dae ( Actor Kim seung woo)

There was only one person (Jung bum) who had experienced a battle. He was nominated as the leader. But Kap-jo who was convicted of murder and his group defied leader Jung bum and ignored him.    >> Right  a Young boy is Jung bum
71 students finished their basic military training with just shooting a bullet and they just was waiting for ally's coming back (Kang seok dae's troop) in vancant and devastated pohang.

>> Left,  Kap jo shouldering a rifle.

North Korean soldiers devastated yeoungdeok-si miserably and their chief Park mu ryang( Actor, Cha seung won) ignored the order to ahead Nakdong river and  leaded army to pohang where young boys had protected at that time.

his's strategy is to fall Busan which is the final destination of North Korean army in the least amount of time. his troop arrived at pohang girls' junior high school where the defense security command was and students had been stand by.

>> Right,  Park muryang  wearing an white
      military  uniform

71 students waked up by gunfire in the darkness.
War clouds hung over pohang gradually .

71 students had to fight aginst hundreds of North
Korean soldiers without any allies.

They just got into the fire to protect their motherland South Korea


This movie is soooo great and goes without saying. I was so   impressed and had a chance to look back Korean war in 1950.We can learn many things from this movie. (history, political affair, relationship between the countries, friendship, etc..) I highly recommand this movie to you all.

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