Diana & Kate Middleton

1981.2.24 Prince Charles -the 1th successor to the throne declared engagement with Lady Diana Spencer.
She is younger 13years than Charles and pure and shy. "I will be lucky girl to be a crown princess"
But She had a hard time with his unhappy merriage and fianlly She got divorced and was dead miserably.

After 29years, 2010.11.16, William showed his fiance Kate Middleton same age with him.
She has beautiful blue eyes and looks similar with his mother Diana.

She wore Diana's wedding ring and Blue dress. She said  proudly,
"He is a lucky guy to date with me"  What queen will be She?

Kate is the woman who is compared with her husband's mother Diana.
She is the most popular and noticed person now.
She is called as the second Diana. But they have very different background.

The girl born in unlucky noble families  VS  The girl born in wealthy common family

King George IV state Diadem

Diana was born in the earl of Spencer as the third daughter 1961.7.1.
Her parents got divorced when she was 7 years old.
After she graduated from high school, She worked as a nanny in a kingdergarten.
When she was 20 years old, she met Charles and married him.

Kate was born in common family's oldest daugther. Her father worked as a pilot in British Air
Her mother was a flight attendant. After her parents quitted their job. They started their own business
and Business was thrived. So she could grow up in good environment.
She went to prestigious middle & high schools. those school's tution is about $25,000 per an year.
and finally she entered the school that william had attended too. She is the first queen who has a bachelor's degree.

Marriage of Convenience    VS    Love Marriage

Charles fell in love with Camilla Before he met her. Diana. The reason he selected her is that she had
3 points suitable to marry with him.she was a virgin and was born in noble family and anglican.
She was suffered from husband's infidelity and tried to suicide a few times.
England people loved her, She was a lonely person in the palace.

William and Kate have dated since 2002. But They was unattended before their engagement was declared to the public. Because william protected her from the press & media. Kate is very confident enough to sue the press that unrevealed her privacy. sometimes she enjoys that.

Grace    VS   Mix match

Diana was 1980's fashoin icon. She made diana look.
intellectual bob style and luxurious brand cloths by famous designers.
But Kate loves wearing topshop and issa london's items more cheaper than diana's luxurious brand items.
She enjoys matching  gorgeous accessories with cloths.


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